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Who is Q-Bis?

We are a team specialized in consulting, development and implementation of database software and software Business Intelligence Solutions.

We have created the Agenda CRM application – a solution meant to monitor the territorial activity of medical representatives. As it is always being developed towards higher performance, the Agenda CRM is on a continuous journey for meeting the high expectations and challenges which are ever present in the pharmaceutical industry. It has the shortest implementation time and best scalability, being suitable for 5 up to 10000 sales representatives.

Regardless of the fact that the connectivity environment could be low, the off-line Agenda CRM has been equipped with the fastest data synchronization engine available. Agenda CRM has a flexible and powerful reports engine with "drill down" capability, which transforms activity reports into business intelligence.

Starting with 2017 Q-bis provides Cloud Web Hosting solutions

Based on previous experience with client/server N-tier architectures we started to develop web RESTful API's in 2014. Today we have a full range of top API solutions that are used to power the platform (authorization, storage, databases, web services, mail servers, web servers, NoSQL  and others). All solutions are highly scalable to the CLOUD offering best in class web solutions. 

More web application's are on production line.

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